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Above the Battle

Translated by C. K. OGDEN, M.A.

“We must leave unnoticed many fine and penetrating thoughts and many stirring passages in these golden pages. In them, let us say, once for all, speaks the finest spirit of modern France.”—The Times Literary Supplement.

“At last it is here . . . the book we have been waiting for.”—Labour Leader.

“Noble and inspiring words. They strike the note, deep and sweet and sounding, which forms the diapason of the whole book.”—Times.

“One of the noblest books of the war. A book of generous and eloquent writing that is worth going without a meal to buy.”—Daily News.

“An eloquent and interesting book.”—Manchester Guardian.

“We are in need of a prophet who will bid us respect the disinterested claims of truth. M. Holland is a prophet.”—Pall Mall Gazette.

“The author sees life steadily and sees it whole. He recognizes that behind all the strife and carnage there is a unity.”—The Ploughshare.

“The pages are electric with profound truths expressed forcefully and beautifully.”—The Highway.