The Forlorn Hope (Hall)/Poems/The Fairy Ring

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2042430The Forlorn Hope — The Fairy Ring1836Samuel Carter Hall


Merry-hearted Norah sleeping
In a fairy ring one day,
Where the elves their watch were keeping,
Ah! they stole the maid away!
And beneath Lough Ina's water
All their elvish tricks they taught her;
Then, with magic spells around her,
Left her where her lover found her,
In the fairy ring.

Like a fawn away she started—
And her laugh was loud and clear—
Leaving Dermot broken-hearted,
As the sighing youth drew near.
Down he sunk, as she forsook him,
And a dreamy sleep o'ertook him,
When a chorus of sweet voices
Sing a song, his heart rejoices,
In the fairy ring.

"Up," it said, "your day's declining,
"Up, and woo her like a man;
"You are far too sad and sighing!"
Up poor Dermot rose and ran;
And when next he stood beside her,
In some other way he tried her,
For their love and troth they plighted,
Standing, hand and heart united,
In the fairy ring!