The Future of the Falkland Islands and Its People

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The Future of the Falkland Islands and Its People  (2003) 
Lyubomir Ivanov et al.

Published in Wikisource under CC-BY-3.0 license by L.L. Ivanov, President & CEO of the Manfred Wörner Foundation, copyright owner of the publication.



The cover of The Future of the Falkland Islands and Its People.
The cover of The Future of the Falkland Islands and Its People.


ISBN: 954-91503-1-3

Authors: Lyubomir Ivanov et al.
Design: Todor Vardjiev
Photo: Romeo Cholakov

© Manfred Wörner Foundation

Printed in Bulgaria
by Double T Publishers
October 2003


by Mike Summers

Legislative Councillor

Falkland Islands Government

In this paper on the Future of the Falkland Islands and its People, Dr. Ivanov has produced a remarkable and interesting piece of work. He has accurately analysed and assessed the current state of political development in the Falkland Islands and the options open to us. There is little doubt that the Falkland Islands will continue to develop at a pace that suits the people, and it is very unlikely that the Falklands would choose, in the foreseeable future, any route other than some form of devolved integration with the United Kingdom.

It is interesting to see Dr. Ivanov’s comments on the possible position of the Falklands as a bridge between Europe, South America and the Antarctic. It was the late Dr. di Tella, one of the most intelligent and free thinking of Argentina’s foreign affairs leaders, who first said to me that he thought the Falklands had a real place in the South West Atlantic. The calming influence of a European power could have a positive effect in an area where Latin temperament predominates; he was half joking and deadly serious.

The contrasts and parallels drawn by Dr. Ivanov and the distinguished commentators on his paper amply demonstrate the importance of both internal and external self-determination, in developing as well as developed nations. It is an interesting interface where devolution and decolonisation meet.

But it is in particular the contributions on self-determination from a worldwide perspective, that enhance and broaden Dr. Ivanov’s paper into a very significant contribution to debate in this area. They are all to be commended.

Stanley, 7th August 2003



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