The Gateless Gate/This Mind Is Buddha

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Koan number 30 out of 49 in this work (published 1228, translated 1934)

Daibai asked Baso: "What is Buddha?"

Baso said: "This mind is Buddha."

Mumon’s comment: If anyone wholly understands this, he is wearing Buddha's clothing, he is eating Buddha's food, he is speaking Buddha's words, he is behaving as Buddha, he is Buddha. This anecdote, however, has given many a pupil the sickness of formality. If one truly understands, he will wash out his mouth for three days after saying the word Buddha, and he will close his ears and flee after hearing "This mind is Buddha."
Under blue sky, in bright sunlight,
One need not search around.
Asking what Buddha is
Is like hiding loot in one's pocket and declaring oneself innocent.