The Geographical Distribution of Animals/Chapter 12.2

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In constructing these tables, showing the distribution of various classes of animals in the Oriental region, the following sources of information have been chiefly relied on, in addition to the general treatises, monographs, catalogues, &c., used for the compilation of the Fourth Part of this work.

Mammalia.—Jerdon's Indian Mammalia; Kelaart's Fauna of Ceylon; Horsfield and Moore's Catalogue of the East India Museum; Swinhoe's Catalogue of Chinese Mammalia; S. Müller's Zoology of the Indian Archipelago; Dr. J. E. Gray's list of Mammalia of the Malay Archipelago (Voyage of Samarang); and papers by Anderson, Blyth, Cantor, Gray, Peters, Swinhoe, &c.

Birds.—Jerdon's Birds of India; Horsfield and Moore's Catalogue; Holdsworth's list of Ceylon Birds; Schlegel's Catalogue of the Leyden Museum; Swinhoe on the Birds of China, Formosa, and Hainan; Salvadori on the Birds of Borneo; Lord Walden on the Birds of the Philippine Islands; and papers by Blyth, Blanford, Elwes, Elliot, Stoliczka, Sclater, Sharpe, Swinhoe, Verreaux, and Lord Walden.

Reptiles.—Günther's Reptiles of British India; papers by same author, and by Dr. Stoliczka.




Names in italics show families peculiar to the region.

Numbers correspond with those in Part IV.

Names enclosed thus (......) barely enter the region, and are not considered really to belong to it.

Order and Family Sub-regions Range beyond the Region.
Hindostan. Ceylon. Indo-China. Indo-Malaya.
1. Simiidæ W. Africa
2. Semnopithecidæ Tropical Africa
3. Cynopithecidæ All Africa, S. Palæarctic
6. Lemuridæ Ethiopian
7. Tarsiidæ Celebes
9. Pteropidæ Ethiopian, Australian
11. Rhinolophidæ The Eastern Hemisphere
12. Vespertilionidæ Cosmopolite
13. Noctilionidæ Tropical regions
14. Galeopithecidæ
16. Tupaiidæ
17. Erinaceidæ Palæarctic, S. Africa
21. Talpidæ Palæarctic, Nearctic
22. Soricidæ Palæarctic, Ethiopian, N. America
23. Felidæ All regions but Australian
25. Viverridæ Ethiopian, S. Palæarctic
27. Hyænidæ Ethiopian, S. Palæarctic
28. Canidæ All regions but Australian [?]
29. Mustelidæ All regions but Australian
31. Æluridæ Palæarctic
32. Ursidæ Palæarctic, Nearctic, Chili
Cetacea. Oceanic
42. Manatidæ Ethiopian, N. Pacific
43. (Equidæ) Palæarctic, Ethiopian
44. Tapiridæ Neotropical
45. Rhinocerotidæ Ethiopian
47. Suidæ Palæarctic, Ethiopian, Neotropical
49. Tragulidæ W. Africa
50. Cervidæ All regions but Ethiopian and Australian
52. Bovidæ All regions but Australian and Neotropical
53. Elephantidæ Ethiopian
55. Muridæ Cosmopolite, excl. Oceania
56. Spalacidæ Palæarctic, Ethiopian
61. Sciuridæ All regions but Australian
67. Hystricidæ S. Palæarctic, Ethiopian
70. Leporidæ All regions but Australian
72. Manididæ Ethiopian
1. Turdidæ Almost Cosmopolite
2. Sylviidæ Almost Cosmopolite
3. Timaliidæ Ethiopian, Australian
4. Panuridæ Palæarctic
5. Cinclidæ Not Ethiopian or Australian
6. Troglodytidæ American and Palæarctic
8. Certhiidæ Palæarctic, Nearctic, Australian
9. Sittidæ Palæarctic, Nearctic, Australian, Madagascar
10. Paridæ The Eastern Hemisphere and North America
11. Liotrichidæ
12. Phyllornithidæ
13. Pycnonotidæ Ethiopian, Moluccas
14. Oriolidæ The Eastern Hemisphere
15. Campephagidæ Ethiopian, Australian
16. Dicruridæ Ethiopian, Australian
17. Muscicapidæ The Eastern Hemisphere
18. Pachycephalidæ Australian
19. Laniidæ The Eastern Hemisphere and North America
20. Corvidæ Cosmopolite
23. Nectariniidæ Ethiopian, Australian
24. Dicæidæ Ethiopian, Australian
30. Hirundinidæ Cosmopolite
33. Fringillidæ All regions but Australian
34. Ploceidæ Ethiopian, Australian
35. Sturnidæ The Eastern Hemisphere
36. Artamidæ Australian
37. Alaudidæ All regions but Neotropical
38. Motacillidæ Cosmopolite
43. Eurylæmidæ
47. Pittidæ Ethiopian, Australian
51. Picidæ All regions but Australian
52. Yungidæ Palæarctic
53. Indicatoridæ Ethiopian
54. Megalæmidæ Ethiopian, Neotropical
58. Cuculidæ Cosmopolite
62. Coraciidæ Ethiopian, Australian
63. Meropidæ Ethiopian, Australian
66. Trogonidæ Neotropical, Ethiopian
67. Alcedinidæ Cosmopolite
68. Bucerotidæ Ethiopian, Austro-Malayan
69. Upupidæ Ethiopian, S. Palæarctic
71. Podargidæ Australian
73. Caprimulgidæ Cosmopolite
74. Cypselidæ Cosmopolite
76. (Cacatuidæ) Australian
78. Palæornithidæ Ethiopian, Austro-Malayan
84. Columbidæ Cosmopolite
86. Pteroclidæ Ethiopian, Palæarctic
87. Tetraonidæ Eastern Hemisphere and North America
88. Phasianidæ Ethiopian, Palæarctic, North America
89. Turnicidæ Ethiopian, Australian, S. Palæarctic
90. Megapodiidæ Australian
94. Vulturidæ All regions but Australian
96. Falconidæ Cosmopolite
97. Pandionidæ Cosmopolite
98. Strigidæ Cosmopolite
99. Rallidæ Cosmopolite
100. Scolopacidæ Cosmopolite
103. Parridæ Tropical regions
104. Glareolidæ Eastern Hemisphere
105. Charadriidæ Cosmopolite
106. Otididæ Eastern Hemisphere
107. Gruidæ All regions but Neotropical
113. Ardeidæ Cosmopolite
114. Plataleidæ Almost Cosmopolite
115. Ciconiidæ Almost Cosmopolite
117. Phœnicopteridæ Ethiopian, Neotropical, S. Palæarctic
118. Anatidæ Cosmopolite
119. Laridæ Cosmopolite
120. Procellariidæ Cosmopolite
121. Pelecanidæ Cosmopolite
124. Podicipidæ Cosmopolite
1. Typhlopidæ All regions but Nearctic
2. Tortricidæ Austro-Malaya, S. America
3. Xenopeltidæ Celebes
4. Uropeltidæ
5. Calamariidæ All the warmer regions
6. Oligodontidæ S. America, Japan
7. Colubridæ Almost Cosmopolite
8. Homalopsidæ All the regions
9. Psammophidæ Ethiopian, S. Palæarctic
11. Dendrophidæ Ethiopian, Australian, Neotropical
12. Dryiophidæ Ethiopian, Neotropical
13. Dipsadidæ Ethiopian, Australian, Neotropical
14. Scytalidæ Tropical America
15. Lycodontidæ Ethiopian
16. Amblycephalidæ Neotropical
17. Pythonidæ The tropical regions, and California
18. Erycidæ Ethiopian, S. Palæarctic
19. Acrochordidæ
20. Elapidæ Tropical regions, Japan, S. Carolina
23. Hydrophidæ Australian, Panama, Madagascar
24. Crotalidæ America, E. Palæarctic
25. Viperidæ Ethiopian, Palæarctic
30. Varanidæ Africa, Australia
33. Lacertidæ The Eastern Hemisphere
34. Zonuridæ America, S. Europe, Ethiopian
45. Scincidæ Almost Cosmopolite
48. Acontiadæ Ethiopian, Moluccas
49. Geckotidæ Almost Cosmopolite
51. Agamidæ The Eastern Hemisphere
52. Chamæleonidæ Ethiopian
54. Gavialidæ N. Australia
55. Crocodilidæ Ethiopian, Neotropical, N. Australia
57. Testudinidæ All continents but Australia
59. Trionychidæ Japan, E. of N. America, Africa
60. Cheloniidæ Marine
1. Cæciliadæ Ethiopian, Neotropical
5. Salamandridæ North temperate zone
8. Phryniscidæ Ethiopian, Australian, Neotropical
10. Bufonidæ All continents but Australia
12. Engystomidæ All regions but Palæarctic
17. Hylidæ All regions but Ethiopian
18. Polypedatidæ Neotropical and all other regions
19. Ranidæ Almost Cosmopolite
20. Discoglossidæ All regions but Nearctic
3. Percidæ All regions but Australian
12. Sciænidæ All regions but Australian
33. Nandidæ Neotropical
35. Labyrinthici S. Africa, Moluccas
36. Luciocephalidæ
39. Ophiocephalidæ
46. Mastacembelidæ
52. Chromidæ Ethiopian, Neotropical
59. Siluridæ All warm regions
73. Cyprinodontidæ S. Palæarctic, Ethiopian, American
75. Cyprinidæ Not in S. America and Australia
78. Osteoglossidæ All tropical regions
82. Notopteridæ W. Africa
85. Symbranchidæ Australian (? Marine) Neotropical
Diurni (Butterflies.)
1. Danaidæ All warm regions and to Canada
2. Satyridæ Cosmopolite
3. Elymniidæ Ethiopian, Moluccas
4. Morphidæ Neotropical, Moluccas, and Polynesia
6. Acræidæ All tropical regions
8. Nymphalidæ Cosmopolite
9. Libytheidæ Absent from Australia
10. Nemeobiidæ Not in Australia or Nearctic regions
13. Lycænidæ Cosmopolite
14. Pieridæ Cosmopolite
15. Papilionidæ Cosmopolite
16. Hesperidæ Cosmopolite
17. Zygænidæ Cosmopolite
19. Agaristidæ Australian, Ethiopian
20. Uraniidæ All tropical regions
22. Ægeriidæ Absent from Australia
23. Sphingidæ Cosmopolite