The Glyphs

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The Glyphs  (1919) 
by Roy Norton
Extracted from Popular magazine, VOL. 54, September 20, 1919, pp. 1-56.

It brings the prehistoric past of a powerful nation of Central America vividly before you.

Cover page of the magazine illustrating the story

The Glyphs

By Roy Norton
Author of “The Phantom U-Boat," “The Liberator ,” Etc.

Who or what are glyphs? will be your first question, probably. They are records carved on stone by a lost people, in this case the Mayas of Central America, a race which achieved a civilization equal to that of the Egyptians, and thousands of years before them! In this story of Norton’s there is a little band of daring adventurers who, fascinated by the reading of rare glyphs, go halfway round the world in search of the hidden metropolis of the ancient Mayas. What happens to them savors of the Arabian Nights, only with them it is their courage and endurance which are the magic of the marvelous performance. There is no heroine except the lost city, but the adventurers fall in love with her for good and sufficient reasons.

(A Complete Novel)

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