The History of the Bohemian Persecution/Chapter 4

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Woytichius, otherwise Adalburtus Bishop of Prague, with his five own Brothers were Martyred.

1.  FOr when Woytich (the second Bishop of Prague, who was the beloved pupill of Adalburtus, the arch-Bishop of Magdeburgh, so that he took his name, and Histories call him Adalburt) about the year 970. did seriously labour in converting the reliques of the Gentiles, and in amending of their corrupt manners; there was raised a great sedition by the fury of the Heathens; which Bolislaus was necessitated to keep down by armes; but VVoytichius was forced to a voluntary banishment.

2. When therefore he went towards Rome, the Pagans rose against his own Brothers, and killed five of them together, Coleborius, Spitemerius, Prebislaus, Borita, and Czalaus, and make a conspiracy against their Prince, but are overcome in battell.

3. Woytichius being carried into Hungary, by som sermons he converts to the faith and baptizes Stephen their Prince, who was not long after made their King; then returning home he is again banished, he departs in Polonia, being about to confirm that nation, which was lately converted to the faith, by the marriage of Dubrawka, the daughter of Bolislaus the Bohemian, with Miceslaus the Leader of the Polonians.

4. From thence he makes his passage into Prusia, and there neare to Fistashium is murthered by the darts of the Infidells, and is beheaded, his body was redeemed from the Barbarians and carried to Guesua in Polonia, where he established a Bishopwrick, and according to the superstitious custome of that age, hee was canonised for a Saint.