The History of the Bohemian Persecution/Chapter 91

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Chap. XCI.

Articles gathered out of the Instructions given to the Capitanes of Distresses, July 1624.

1.  WHosoever do refuse to joyne with the Kings Majesty in point of Religion, all traffick and commerce shall be debarr’d him.

2. Whosoever shall permit private Preaching, Baptisme or Matrimony in his house, shall pay an hundred taleres, or if he be not able, shall suffer imprisonment six moneths. But he that shall be found to harbour a Preacher in his house, shall loose both goods and life.

3. The ordinary Catholique Pastor of a place, may not accompany any dead person which was not Catholique with ceremonies to his grave: neverthelesse, the funerall duties shall be paid him.

4. If any shall follow his work upon Catholique holy-dayes, he shall be imprisoned; and shall not be dismist till after payment of ten florences.

5. If any shall be caught in a victualling-house in time of Masse, he shall pay ten florences, and the Victualler double.

6. Whosoever shall laugh at the Catholique Priest, or his Sermon, his Words, gestures, and so at the Catholique rites, he shall be banished, and his goods confiscated.

7. Whosoever shall eat flesh upon dayes prohibited, without an indulgence from the Pope, shall pay ten florences.

8. If at any time the Master of the Family shall be absent upon the Lords day, or upon festivall Masse-dayes, if he be of the richer sort, he shall pay four pounds of wax, toties quoties: if of the meaner sort, two.

9. Let the youth be taken notice of throughout all Cities, Towns, and Villages: those that place their Sonnes in non-Catholique Schooles, let them call them thence by the feast of All-saints, under paine of 50. florences, for the wealthy; and of 25. for the poorer sort.

10. If any bring up youth privily in his house, all shall be taken from him, and himself cast out of the City by the common Catch-pole.

11. It shall not be lawfull for any non-Catholique to make a will: but if he shall, it shall be null.

12. No young men, whether at home with their Parents, or Prentices, may be admitted unto any Arts or Trades, as Masters, unlesse they first have learned the Catholique Religion.

13. If any shall speak unbeseemingly of God, the blessed Virgin the Mother of God, of the Saints, Ecclesiasticall rites, or the famous house of Austria; he shall loose his head without all pardon or favour.

14. Whatsoever any Citizen painteth in his house (within or without) to the dishonour of the Catholique Religion, he shall be carefull that it be blotted out, forthwith under paine of 30. florences. In like manner, whatsoever shall be ingraven or painted upon Gates, Temples, or other publique places, that they cause it to be broken in peeces, or blotted out, and the memorial of Christ crucified, or something else set up in its place.

15. The poor people in Hospitalls, unlesse they shall be converted before the feast of All-saints, this present yeare, let them be cashiered, and not readmitted unlesse they turn Catholiques, &c. The conclusion was this: Herein the constant and unalterable will of his sacred Majesty , and Lord of us all will rest satisfied, &c.

Charles Prince of

But these were general things, and common to all: we shall now adde some particular examples, whereby a thousand of Satans stratagems will perchance more clearly appeare.