The House of Skulls

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The House of Skulls  (1919) 
by H. Bedford-Jones

A novella; from the All-Story Weekly, Jan 25, 1919. When Desmond is offered a twenty-acre ranch for a steal—a mere 10,000: provided he pays by cash within a day—he thinks there may be something queer about the deal.

I trudged back up the path, and when I reached the house I noticed a curious thing. The foundations were of cement, and a low cement wall-foundation ran the full length of the front veranda. There were a number of curious projections from that cement, and when I came up to the wall and examined them I found that they were human skulls!

The gruesome find rather staggered me. They were real skulls, set in the cement wall so as to project three or four inches, and they were in good condition. I am not superstitious, and I had no objections to this scheme of decorations on personal grounds: but it struck me that Balliol had carried his search for novelty just a bit too far.

The House of Skulls

byH. Bedford-Jones

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