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Bhandarkar, Ramakrishna Gopal C.I.E. (1889) Orientalist and Social reformer; born, 1837; educated at Ratnagiri and Elphinstone College, Bombay: M.A., 1866; Dakhshina Fellow of Elphinstone College, 1859, and later in the Dekkan College, Poona, till 1864; In the Bombay Education Department, 1864-93; Head-master of Hyderabad (Sind) and Ratnagiri High Schools, 1864-9; Professor of Sanskrit and Oriental Languages in Elphinstone College, where he was at first Assistant Professor for many years, from 1869 to 1881; Professor of Sanskrit at Dekkan College, Poona, 1882-93; Fellow, Bombay University from 1866; Syndic, 1873-81; Vice-Chancellor, 1893-5; Hon., LL.D. Bombay, 1904; Member, Supreme Legislative Council, 1903-4; Member, Bombay Legislative Council, 1904-5; Fellow, Calcutta University, 1887; Member of various learned Societies; R.A.S. London, 1874; R.A.S. Bombay, 1865; German Oriental Society, 1887; American Oriental Society, 1887; Asiatic Society of Italy, 1887; Imperial Academy of Science, St. Petersburg, 1888; Foreign Member, French Institute, 1695: Member International Congress of Orientalists, London, 1874: of Vienna, 1886 which he attended: C.I.E., 1889: retired from service, 1893: Hon. LL.D., Edinbrugh Unversity; Hon. Phil. Dr. Gottingen and Calcutta Universities; has contributed largely to the journals on philological and antiquarian subjects: also to the Indian Antiquary: first lecturer on the Wilson Lectureship, Bombay University; reported on his searches for Sanskrit Mss. in the Bombay Presidency; edited the text of the Sanskrit Malati-Madhava: and has written Sanskrit educational works; is a leader of the religious movement of the Prarthana Samaj in W. India; as a social reformer has practically supported the re-marriage of widows; in politics he is a moderate progressivist. Address: Poona, India.