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Bose, Jagdish Chandra M.A. (Cantab), C.I.E. (1908) C.S.I, (1911) D.Sc. (Lond); Educated, Presidency College, Calcutta, and Christ’s College Cambridge, where he gained high honors in the Natural Science Tripas; conducted much research work in the realms of Chemistry and Electricity; his enquiries into “Hertzian Waves led” to the discovery of the principles of “Wireless Telgraphy”; invented an instrument for verifying the laws of refraction, reflection, and polarization of electric waves. Entered the Bengal Education Dept. 1883; has been a very distinguished Professor at the Presidency College; is a member of many European and American scientific societies; was invited to attend the International Scientific Congress in Paris where he was received with every mark of honor by the most famous scientists of the world, 1900; Invited by the Royal Institution of England to read a paper on his recent scientific discoveries. Publications: “Determination of Indices of Refraction”, “Electric Wares”, “The Response of Inorganic Matter to stimulus”, etc. Fellow of the Calcutta University. Address: Presidency College, Calcutta.