The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Burdwan, Maharaja of; H.H. Sir Bija Chand Mahtab

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Burdwan, Maharaja of; H.H. Sir Bija Chand Mahtab, K.C.I.E., (1910) I.O.M., (1909) Maharaj Adhiraja Bahadur; a.s. of the late Maharaj Adhiraja; b, 1881; installed, 1903; visited Europe many times; Member, Imperial and Bengal Legislative Councils; saved Sir Andrew Eraser, Lieutenant Governor of Bengal, when he was about to be assasinated, by standing between the assassin and the Lieutenant Governor, 1910; reformed the administration of the estate; Fellow, Royal Geographical Society; Fellow, Royal Society of Arts; Fellow, North British Academy: Member, Royal Asiatic Society; and President, British Indian Association, Calcutta. Publications: “Vijia Gitika”, “Studies”, “Diary of a European Tour”, Etc. Recreations: Tennis, golf and rowing. Address: Burdwan, Alipur, Calcutta, Kurseong, and Darjeeling. Clubs: Aftab Burdwan; Calcutta Club; Gymkhana, Darjeeling.