The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Gokhale, Hon’ble Gopal Krishna

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Gokhale, Hon’ble Gopal Krishna, B.A., C.I.E. (1904), Poona; b. Kolhapur, 1866; educ; first in the Local College and then in the Elphinstone College, Bombay; B.A., 1884; joined Ferguson College as Profr of History and Political Economy; Became Principal of the College, and retired on pension after serving for 20 years; was Editor of the Quarterly Journal, 1887; was Hony Secretary, the Deccan Sabha; started the Servants of India Society at Poona, of which he is still the President; was invited to give evidence before the Welby Commission, 1897; Member, Legislative Council, Bombay, 1902; Member, Imperial Legislative Council, since, 1904; President, Indian National Congress, 1905; proceeded to England, where he delivered 45 lectures on Indian subjects in the course of 50 days, 1907: served on the Royal Public Services Commission, 1912; declined to accept remuneration for his services in the Commission, lest he should lose his seat in the Imperial Legislative Council, and refunded the amount already received by him; declined the honour of Knighthood graciously offered by the Government of India; visited South Africa for the purpose of obtaining first-hand information with reference to the question of British Indian settlers there, 1912. Address: Poona, Bombay Presedency, India.