The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Hume, Colonel Charles Vernon

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Hume, Colonel Charles Vernon, D.S.O. (1900), M.V.O. (1905), Indian Army (retired); b, 1860; educ: at Mralborough; joined the Army, 1879; served in Burwick, 1886-7 (despatches, medal and clasp); captain, 1887; A.A.G. South African field force, 1900 (despatches, medal and five clasps D.S.O.); Major, 1897; Liet-Col, 1904; Attache with the Japanese Army in Manchuria, 1904-5; Colonel, 1906; A.D.C. to C.inC. in India, 1885-92; Military Governor to the Crown Prince of Siam, 1890-99; Militarv Attache to H.B.M.S, Embassy, Tokio, 1903-7. Club: Army and Navy.