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Ramabhadra Nayudu, Hon’ble Venkatasami, Diwan Bahadur (1908), Zemindar of Vadagarai and Doddappanayakanur; belongs to an ancient Palaigar family of Madura; the original founder of the family was Ramabhadra Nayakkar, a Balija by caste, who came from the Vijayanagar Country with General Nagama Nayakkar, who invested Madura from the Cholas in the interest of the Pandian Kings; he was graetly trusted by the rulers when the latter left Madura; he acted for him and eventually became Fouzdar (Military Governor) of Madura; later on, he distinguished himself in an attack on the Fort of Rambam (Periakulam taluk) in which he showed much personal bravery by pressing forward notwithstanding a wound in the face and was the first to plant a flag on the ramparts; for this exploit he was granted the Vadagarai estate; his successors were capable men and added to the State and made it known at the Pandian Capital; the family was by martial relations closely connected with the ruling house of Madura, being of the same caste as King Tirumala, the great Nayak King of Madura, and his ancestors; s. of Venkatasami Nayak; b. 1873; educ: Native College, Madura; received education in Sanskrit; Member District and Taluk Boards of Madura since 1896, and 1895 respectively; Chairman, Municipal Council, Poriakulam, 1904; founded the Victoria Memorial High School at a cost of Rs. 20,000, 1902; has been President of the Committee of that school; Member, Advisory Committee of the Court of Wards, 1906; Honorary Visitor, Agricultural and Research Institute, Coimbatore, 1909; opened the water works in Periakulam. June 1912; a pioneer in scientific agriculture in the district; started an Agricultural Farm, 1908; President, Co-operative Society, Periakulam; Member, Central Agricultural Committee; Member, Madras Legislative Council since 1910; Fellow, Madras University, 1911; encouraged the publication of Tamil and Sanskrit poems; planned a scheme of water works for Periakulam, got it sanctioned and constructed and opened it, 1912; received Coronation Certificate, 1903; Rao Bahadur, 1908; Member of a large number of Devasthanam Committees in Rameswaram and Periakulam. The Official Gazetteer of Madura says of him: “He has distinguished himself as a patron of education, a protector of the beautiful topes planted by his forbears in the neighbourhood of (Vadagarai), an experimenter in scientific agriculture, and the Chairman of the Periakulam Municipal Council.” Recreations: Gardening, riding and hunting. Address: “The Palace”, Vadagarai, Periakulam Taluk, Madura District, Madras Presidency, India. Clubs: Cosmopolitan, Madura and Madras; Union Club, Madura and Periakulam.