The International Folk-Lore Congress of the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, July, 1893

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The International Folk-Lore Congress of the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, July, 1893  (1898) 

The International Folk-Lore

Congress of the World's

Columbian Exposition

Chicago, July, 1893

Volume I

Archives of the International Folk-Lore

Editors Helen Wheeler Bassett
Frederick Starr

Charles H. Sergel Company

Copyright, 1898, by the
International, Folk-Lore Association.


Preliminary Address of the Committee on a Folk-Lore Congress 3
List of the Advisory Council 7
Program of the International Folk-Lore Congress 10
Sketch of Lieutenant Fletcher S. Bassett 15
Address by Lieutenant F. S. Bassett 17
Address of Welcome on Behalf of the Chicago Folk-Lore Society, by Professor Wm. I. Knapp 24
The Magic-Poetry of the Finns and its Application in Practice, by Hon. John Abercromby 26
The Northern Trolls, by David Mac Ritchie 42
Unspoken, by Rev. Walter Gregor 56
A Kind of Worship of the Dead in Finland, by Prof. Kaarle Krohn 64
Funeral Customs and Rites among the Southern Slavs in Ancient and Modern Times, by Cav. Vid Vuletic Vukasovic 70
A Few Notes on the Songs of the Southern Slavs, by Cav. Vid Vuletic Vukasovic 83
Three Polish Folk-Songs, by Michael de Zmigrodzki 88
The Prehistoric Worship of the Hop among the Slavs and its Relation to Soma, by Erasmus Majewski 90
Buried Alive, by Rev. H. F. Feilberg 104
The Rise of Empiricism, by Otis Tufton Mason 117
Notes on Cinderella, by E. Sidney Hartland, F. S. A 125
The Fatality of Certain Places to Certain Persons, by Miss C. S. Hawkins Dempster 137
Telling the Bees, Eugene Field 141
The Symbol of the Vase, in Myth, Ideography, Language, Hagiography, Literature and Folk-Lore, by Dr. Stanislas Prato 143
Some Popular Beliefs of Egypt, by G. Maspero 174
Modern Greek Folk-Mythology, by Lucy M. J. Garnett 182
Some Notes on the Primitive Horde, by Ludwig Krzyurcki 199
The Sign Language of the Plains Indian, by H. L. Scott, Captain, 7th Cavalry, U. S. Army 206
Sioux Mythology, by Dr. Charles A. Eastman 221
Some Sacred Objects of the Navajo Rites, by Washington Matthews, Surgeon, U. S. Army 227
Diurnal Birds of Prey and Mexican Symbolism, by Count H. De Charency 248
Discussion, by John G. Bourke, Captain 3d Cavalry, U. S. A. 256
Pigments in Ceremonials of the Hopi, by A. M. Stephen 260
Legendary Lore of the Coast Tribes of Northwestern America, by James Deans 266
The Antiquity of the Folk-Lore of the American Indian, by Katherine S. Stanberry 278
The Exploits of Tamaro-the-Terrible; a myth from Manihiki, by Rev. William Wyatt Gill, LL., D 280
The Mythical Story of Maui, the Prometheus of Polynesia, by N. B. Emerson, M. D 288
The Folk-Lore of Japan, by Rev. Wm. Elliott Griffis 294
Græco-Roman and Japanese Folk-Lore and Mythology, by Ernest W. Clement 304
Korean Folk-Lore, by Homer B. Hulbert 308
Voodooism, by Mary Alicia Owen 313
Comparative Afro-American Folk-Lore, by Annah Robinson Watson 327
Venezuelan Folk-Lore, by Dr. Teofilo Rodriguez 341
Some Superstitions of South American Indians, by Roger Welles, Lieutenant, U. S. Navy 346
Irish Legendary Lore, by Very Rev. John Canon O'Hanlon 348
History of the Swastika, by Michael de Zmigrodzki 360
Taming of the Shrew, in the Folk-Lore of the Ukraine, by Professor M. Dragomanov 368
A Study on the Ligotnes, Popular Latavian Songs of St. John's Eve, by Andre Jurjan 374
General Sketch of the Latavian People, by Henry Wissendorff 386
The Latavian Epopee, "Niedrishu Widewuits," by Henry Wissendorff 399
Lithuano-Latavian Mythology, by E. W. Wolter 403
Marriage Among the Roumanians, by Arthur Gorovei 408
Marriage Customs in Bulgaria, by Dr. Vulko I. Shopoff 417
Folk-Music, by Frederic W. Root 424
Program of Concert of Folk-Lore Songs and National Music, under the Direction of Frederic W. Root 426
Introduction to the German Papers, by Henry E. O. Heinemann 438
Comparative Jurisprudence on an Ethnological Basis, by Dr. Thomas Achelis 441
Why National Epics are Composed: Some Reflections Illustrated by a Song of Guslars of Bosnia and Herzegovina, by Dr. Frederich S. Krauss 447
An Ancient Egyptian Creation Myth, by Prof. A. Wiedeman 466
Christmas Usages and Beliefs in Schleswig-Holstein, by Heinrich Carstens 481
Ancient Shrove-Tide Customs, with Special Reference to Roman Germania, by C. Rademacher 488
Contribution to the Study of Well-Service on the Lower Rhine, by O. Schell 491
Death and Burial: Superstitious Beliefs and Customs in Pomerania, by Dr. A. Haas 493
What shall we have for Dinner, by A. Treichel, 503
House Sprites (Familiars) in Pomerania, by O. Knoop 504
German Legends and Customs in Longfellow's "Golden Legend" by Dr. Robert Sprenger 510

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