The International Jew/Volume 3/Preface

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The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem by Henry Ford

The present volume, third in the series, is compiled for the sane purpose as its predecessors—to enable new readers of THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT to commence their reading with the earlier articles in the series of studies in The Jewish Question.

It was inevitable that the publication first to open the discussion of this Question should be compelled to meet the degrading charge of “anti-semitism” and kindred falsehoods; but it was also inevitable that if the work of such a publication should prove to be valid, the way would be cleared for discussion by other publications which had not and need not bring upon themselves the charge of racial hatred.

This is precisely what has occurred. An undreamed of publicity for the essentials of the Jewish Question has been achieved in this country. It is noteworthy that whether the publicity be in agreement with or against THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT the essential facts are the same, and these facts were first set forth in this paper.

That, indeed, constitutes the strength of the articles. The facts are provable; they are not disprovable. The reader can confirm the facts from his own observation. With regard to the matters discussed in these volumes, there are too many observers of the Jew to permit misstatements to pass. This also constitutes the dilemma of the self-appointed defenders of the Jews: they may abuse THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT, but they cannot disprove the facts. They do not make even an impressive denial of them. The whole situation would be much clarified if Jewish spokesmen would use frankness, instead of a fusillade of cheap and irrelevant abuse.

The year has witnessed much notable discussion of The Jewish Question in magazines of quality. A few have descended to white-washing, fewer still to sheer pro-Jewish propaganda; but such articles as those in the September Century; those in the Atlantic for February, May and July; The Nineteenth Century and After for April; the true and admirable accounts by Lieut. Commander Hugo W. Koehler, of the U. S. Navy, in the World's Work for July, August, September and October—these testify to the reality of the matter. The more serious religious press, as represented by publications like the Christian Standard, the Christian Century, The Moody Monthly which is published by The Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, have also added materially to the literature of the question. In editorial vision and liberty of discussion, the religious press has shown itself to be freer of control than has the secular press.

This volume contains information dealing with the influence of the Jewish idea on American life. The departments of life here studied do not by any means exhaust the list. The studies are more and more centering on the actual operations of the Jewish program upon the American people, and the effect of Jewish conceptions on our common life. These studies are appearing in THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT now. They will be gathered into future volumes as may be required.

November, 1921.