The International Jew/Volume 4/Preface

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The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem by Henry Ford

This is the fourth volume of reprinted studies in the Jewish Question as they appeared in THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT. The articles follow the same general line as the previous volume in showing the various angles of Jewish influence and achievement in the affairs of the people of the United States, but they do not by any means exhaust either the number of the angles nor the depth of the significance in the angles traced.

Deliberate public opinion has shown many signs of a new alertness to the movement which was proceeding deftly and unnoticed in the midst of America, and many checks have been put in operation. The work of THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT was undertaken at a disadvantage because of the tremendous emphasis of the American mind on racial peace and because of the ease with which racial propagandists can make a purely economic and political matter assume the aspects of a religious controversy. THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT opened the Question to public gaze, and was therefore assumed to be the attacker. In this country our sense of fairness always leaves the advantage with the attacked, and false accusations quickly fall. The country has seen, however, the truth of the statements and has observed the mild and unprejudiced manner in which they were made, so that it may now be said that truth has made its way.

Most gratifying are the signs which Jews themselves have given that certain abuses must be quickly stopped. A Jewish leader has appealed for the removal of the exemption which nullifies the Constitution of the United States in favor of the Jew with reference to the use of liquor. Other Jewish leaders have sought to compel Jewish theatrical controllers to observe elementary decency in their productions.

These articles have always held that the cleansing must come from within Judah itself. It is recognized that racial pride might prevent many improvements being attempted under fire, but American Jews cannot afford to be ruled by a false pride in this respect. These are days of judgment for all the corruptive forces of society and the Jews cannot expect to escape responsibility for their part in these things.

May, 1922.