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The Internationale
by Eugène Pottier, via the National Revolutionary Army's Chinese translation, translated from Chinese by Wikisource
Based on the Chinese-English translation from Wikipedia article The Internationale in Chinese.
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Arise, slaves afflicted by hunger and cold,
Arise, criminals all over the world!
The blood which fills my chest has boiled over,
Make one last war!
The old world, it shall be destroyed like fallen petals and splashed water,
Arise, slaves, arise!
Do not say that we worth nothing,
We shall be the masters of the world!


This is the final struggle,
Unite together towards tomorrow,
The Internationale
Shall certainly be realised.
This is the final struggle,
Unite together towards tomorrow,
The Internationale
Shall certainly be realised.

There has never been any saviour of the world,
Nor deities, nor emperors.
Not even those heroes,
Entirely depend on ourselves to save ourselves!
To fully kill those bandits' crestless lives
Requires sacrificing spirit.
Quickly, while this furnace burns red-hot,
For only when the iron is fired will we succeed in forging it!


Who is the creator of the world?
Only us, hard working labours and farmers.
Everything is for producers only,
Where can parasites be accommodated!
How much hot blood of ours have bled,
Only to handle that cruel and evil monster.
If it is someday fully killed,
A red sun will shine all over the five continents!


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