The Intersexes: A History of Similisexualism as a Problem in Social Life/Appendix D

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As mentioned by the authour in the Preface to this study, he has decided, at the last hour before the completion of its presswork, to omit entirely the very large and classified Bibliography prepared for it. In the process of completing the book, a wide literature in every department, containing all possible available information, opinions, allusions, considerations, whether ancient or modern, expressions both scientific or popular and whether professionally psychiatric or in belles-lettres—all came to be assiduously consulted and noted. Unfortunately it was not possible to add and to classify with even approximate completeness the scientific or belles-lettres publications on the topic that have appeared since the year 1900. This large omission from any Bibliographic Appendix would be serious. The authour therefore, in closing his work, has decided (with great regret,) to sacrifice the entire Bibliography appropriate, rather than to present here merely its imperfect approach. In part for the same reason, as also because of the circumstances in which the book (after so long a delay) is put to press, an Index cannot be appended.