The Jew of Malta/Epilogue

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Epilogue Spoken at Court

It is our fear (dread sovereign) we have bin

Too tedious; neither can't be less than sin

To wrong your princely patience: If we have,

(Thus low dejected) we your pardon crave:

And if aught here offend your ear or sight,

We only act and speak what others write.

Epilogue Spoken at the Stage

In graving, with Pygmalion to contend;

Or painting, with Apells; doutless the end

Must be disgrace: our actor did not so,

He only aimed to go, but not out-go.

Nor think that this day any prize1 was played;

Here were no bets at all, no wagers laid;

All the ambition that his mind doth swell,

Is but to hear from you (by me) 'twas well.