The Life of Buddha/Part Three

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  1. Mahaprajapati is Admitted to the Community
  2. The Buddha Exposes the Imposters
  3. Suprabha
  4. Virupa
  5. Sinca's Deceit
  6. The Buddha Tames a Wild Buffalo
  7. Dissension Among the Monks
  8. Kuvalaya the Dancer
  9. The God Alavaka Defeated by the Buddha
  10. Devadatta Expelled from the Community
  11. Ajatasatru's Treachery
  12. The Death of Devadatta
  13. Prasenajit and Ajatasatru
  14. The Buddha Teaches the Doctrine
  15. The Buddha and the Shepherd
  16. The Buddha Instructs the Monks of Vaisali
  17. The Meal at Cunda's
  18. The Buddha Enters Nirvana