The Life of Tolstoy/List of Tolstoy's Works

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London: Cassell, pages 157–164


Those works which are generally accepted as the most important are printed in blacker type. The dates show when the works were first published.

Childhood 1852
Boyhood 1854
Youth 1856-57
Sebastopol 1854-55
The Cossacks 1861
War and Peace 1864-69
Anna Karenin 1873-76
The Kreutzer Sonata 1889
Resurrection 1899
Hadji Murat Not yet published
Father Sergius Not yet published
The Power of Darkness (drama) 1886
The Fruits of Enlightenment (comedy) 1889
The Corpse (unfinished drama) Not yet published
A Morning of a Landowner 1852
A Raid 1852
The Cutting of the Forest 1855
Notes of a Billiard Marker 1856
Two Hussars 1856
An Encounter 1856
The Snowstorm 1856
Lucerne 1857
Albert 1857
Three Deaths 1859
Family Happiness 1859
Polikushka 1860
The Decembrists 1863-68
The Prisoner of the Caucasus 1872
The Death of Ivan Ilyitch 1886
Holstomer 1888
A Talk Among Idle People 1892
Master and Servant 1895
Singing in the Village 1909
Four Days in the Village 1910
The False Coupon Not yet published
After the Ball Not yet published
First Recollections 1878
Confession 1879
The Claim of Love (from his diary) 1899
The following were the chief articles among many which Tolstoy published in his review Yasnaya Polyana:
A Project for a General Plan for Elementary Schools 1861-62
On Popular Education
Education and Instruction
Progress and the Definition of Instruction
A Primer 1872
On Popular Instruction 1874
A New Primer 1875
A Criticism of Dogmatic Theology 1880
A Short Exposition of the Gospel 1881
The Four Gospels Unified and Translated 1881
Church and State 1882
What is My Faith? 1884
On Life 1887
The Love of God and of One's Neighbour 1889
Timothy Bondareff 1890
Why Do Men Intoxicate Themselves? 1890
On Non-Resistance 1890
The First Step (on vegetarianism) 1892
The Kingdom of God is Within You; or Christianity not as a Mystical Teaching but as a New Conception of Life 1893
Non-Activity 1893
The Meaning of the Refusal of Military Service 1893
Reason and Religion 1894
Religion and Morality 1894
Christianity and Patriotism 1894
Non-Resistance (a letter to Ernest H. Crosby) 1896
How to Read the Gospels 1896
The Deception by the Church 1896
Christian Teaching 1898
On Suicide 1900
Thou Shalt Not Kill 1900
Reply to the Holy Synod 1901
The Only Way 1901
On Religious Toleration 1901
What is Religion? 1902
To the Orthodox Clergy 1903
Thoughts of Wise Men (compilation) 1904
The Only Need 1905
The Great Sin 1905
A Cycle of Reading (compilation) 1906
Do Not Kill 1906
Love Each Other 1906
An Appeal to Youth 1907
The Law of Violence and the Law of Love 1908
The Only Command 1909
For Every Day (compilation) 1909
What is Art? 1897
Art and Not Art 1906
Shakespeare and the Drama 1906
Prefaces to:
A Translation of "Modern Science," by Edward Carpenter
Dr. Alice Stockham's "Toxology"
Orloff's Album
Free Translations of Stories by:
Guy de Maupassant
Bernardin de St. Pierre
What People are Living By 1881
Where Love is, There is God 1885
Two Old Men 1885
A Fire Neglected Consumes the House 1885
Nicolas Stick (Tsar Nicolas I) 1886
Does a Man Require Much Land? 1886
Ilias 1886
The Godson 1886
The Three Hermits 1886
The Candle 1886
The Repenting Sinner 1886
The First Distiller 1886
Ivan the Fool 1886
The Empty Drum 1887
Walk in the Light While the Light is With You 1893
Three Parables 1894
Esarlieddon 1903
Three Questions 1903
The Restoration of Hell 1903
Work, Death and Sickness 1903
A Prayer 1905
Berries 1905
Komey Vasilyeff 1906
Why? 1906
The Divine and the Human 1906
A Letter on Science to a Peasant 1909
Published by Posrednik after Tolstoy's death:
False Beliefs 1911
Life in Reality
On Religion
The Soul
The Sexual Instinct
Sins, Temptation and Superstitions
The Similarity of Men's Souls
False Science
The Census of Moscow (in 1882) 1882
Letter to M. A. Engelhardt 1882
What Then Must We Do? 1886
On Women 1886
On Manual Labour 1887
Mental Activity and Manual Labour 1888
Culture's Feast (on the anniversary of the Moscow University) 1889
Letter to a Revolutionist 1889
On the Famine (reports and letters) 1891-93
Shame! (against corporal punishment) 1895
Patriotism and Peace 1895
To the Liberals 1896
To the Ministers 1896
The Approach of the End 1896
A Letter to a Non-Commissioned Officer 1897
On the Hague Peace Conference 1899
Two Wars 1899
Who Is to be Blamed? 1900
Carthago Delenda Est 1900
The Slavery of our Times 1900
Where is the Issue? 1900
Patriotism and Government 1900
Is it Really Necessary? 1900
To the Tsar and his Associates 1901
The Nearing End of the Age 1901
Mementoes for Soldiers 1901
Mementoes for Officers 1901
On the Working-Class Problem 1902
Letters to the Tsar 1902
To the Working People 1902
To Men of Politics 1903
To Social Reformers 1903
Letter to Pietro Mazzini 1903
Bethink Yourselves 1904
In the Russian Revolution 1904
How to Emancipate the Working Classes 1905
A Great Injustice (on the land problem) 1905
On the Social Movement in Russia 1905
The End of the Age 1905
An Appeal to the People 1906
On Military Service 1906
On the Meaning of the Russian Revolution 1906
What Must be Done? 1906
An Appeal to the Government, the Revolutionists and the People 1907
The Only Solution of the Land Question 1907
I Cannot be Silent (a protest against the wholesale executions) 1908
Concerning Molochnikoff's Arrest 1908
The Annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina 1908
The Inevitable Revolution 1909
An Address to the Stockholm Peace Conference 1909
An Efficient Remedy (last article, published three days after his death by the St. Petersburg daily paper Rietch) 1910