The Lives and Characters of the English Dramatick Poets/Jasper Heywood

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Jasper Heywood.

Son of John Heywood, first of Merton, and then of All-Souls-College, Oxon, which he left for St. Omers, where he prov’d a zealous Biggotted Jesuit, and the first that seminary sent for England: some say he was Hanged;[1] others, That he was, with Seventy more, of that and other Orders, taken the Year 1585. and sent away beyond Sea.[2] While he was of Oxford, he translated Three of Seneca’s Plays, (viz.)

Hercules Furens, a Tragedy, 4 to. Compare this with a Tragedy of Euripides, bearing the same Title.

Thyestes, a Tragedy 4 to. which our Author translated, whilst he was of All-Souls, in Oxon; he has added a Scene at the End of the Fifth Act.

Troas, a Tragedy, 4 to. Farnaby stiles this, a Divine Tragedy, and highly commends it; Dan. Heinsius also commends and prefers it before the Troades of Euripides.

These Three Tragedies, translated by our Author from Seneca, are printed together in a Black Letter, 4 to. 1581.

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