The Lives and Characters of the English Dramatick Poets/Richard Bernard

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Richard Bernard.

A Gentleman that Liv’d in Lincolnshire, in the time of Queen Elizabeth, and gave us then a Translation of Terrences Comedies, in a Language and Stile suitable to the time he Liv’d in. Pub. Terentius was a Carthaginian born, and brought a Slave to Rome in his Youth, there well Educated by his Patron Terent. Seneca, and by him made Free for his wit, and left behind him six Comedies (viz.) Andrea, Adelphi, Eunuchus, Heutontimorumenos, Hecyra, and Phormio, the Fourth Edition in 4 to. 1614. The four first of these Comedies are borrowed from Menander. The two last taken from Apollodorus. He generally brought two of Menander’s into one of his. He was thought to have the help of Lælius and Pub. Scipio, in his Writings, which he thought an Honour, not Disgrace.