The Lover's Songster/Oh! no, my Love, no

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From the musical Of Age To-morrow (1812).

Oh! no, my Love, no.

WHILE I hang on your bosom, distracted to lose you,
High swells my sad heart, and fast my tears flow,
Yet think not of coldness they fall to accuse you,
Did I ever upbraid you—Oh! no, my Love, no.
I own it would please me at home could you tarry,
Nor e'er feel a wish from Maria to go?
But if it give pleasure to you, my dear Harry,
Shall I blame your departure?—Oh! no, my love, no.

Now do not, dear Hal, while abroad you are straying,
That heart which is mine on a rival bestow;
Nay, banish that frown, such displeasure betraying,
Do you think I suspect you?—Oh! no, my love, no.
I believe you too kind for one moment to grieve me,
Or plant in a heart which adores you such woe;
Yet would you dishonour my truth and deceive me,
Should I e'er cease to love you?—Oh! no my love, no,