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Prof. Charles F. W. McClure, of Princeton University, kindly gave me the following outline of his family:

A. David McClure, founder, was born about 1720; emigrated from the north of Ireland, possibly Londonderry, to Boston, 1740, thence to Chester, N. H., and in 1743 located in Candia, N. H., then, or a little later, called Charmingfare. His home was a mile or two from the Green in Raymond. He married in Ireland, Martha Glenn, who came with him to Boston. He perished in a snow storm about 1770.

They left three children:

I. Elizabeth, born Nov. 25, 1738, m. Oct., 1761, Alexander McClure, b. 1734.

Twelve children:

1. Jane, or Jean, b. 1763, d. i.

2. Jane, b. June 2, 1765, m. Ezekiel Fullerton of Raymond, N. H. Issue—

(1). John M., (2) James, (3) Betty. About 1793 the family moved from Raymond to Cambridge, Vt.

2. Martha, b. June 31, 1766, m. ——— Smith.

4. Mary, b. Dec. 1768.

5. James, b. June 9, 1771, d. s.

6. Alexander, Jr., b. Oct. 11, 1773, d. Feb. 8, 1850.

7. Betty, b. June, 1775, d. i.

8 and 9. Twine, b. Oct. 1777, died at birth.

10. Elizabeth, b June 19, 1780, m. Jonathan Nay, of Georgia, Vt.

11. Hannah.

12. Fanny, b. April 24, 1784, d. July 5, 1815.

6. Alexander McClure, Jr., sixth child of Elizabeth and Alexander McClure, Sr., married, first, Sarah Nay, of Raymond, N. H.. Nine children:

(1). Samuel, m. Mary Gilman, of Raymond, N. H. three children: H. G. McClure, T. F. McClure, a daughter who m. S. B. Gove.
(2). James, d. in N. Y.

(3). Thomas, b. 1830, d. April 28, 1832.
(4). David, settled in Cambridge, Mass., d. Jan. 20, 1852. Married Sarah Barrage.
(5). John Nay.
(6). Sarah, d. Nov. 28, 1912.
(7.) Elizabeth, m., first, Moses Hoyt, of Raymond; second, Rev. B. G. Manson.
(8). Abigail, d. i.
(9). Mary, d. i.

Alexander McClure, Jr., m., second, a cousin, Martha Varnum. They had nine children:

(10). Moses, died in California, 1858.
(11). Alexander, 3rd, died in California, 1858.
(12). Martha Glenn, died in Raymond.
(13). Frederick, died in Raymond.
(14). Jesse.
Four other children died in infancy.
(5). John Nay McClure, fifth child of Alexander and Sarah (Nay) McClure, m. Mary, daughter of Isaac Brown, of Fremont, N. H. Three children:
a. Charles Franklin McClure, b. in Raymond, N. H. 1828; was living Nov. 16, 1913. He m., 1851, Joan Elizabeth Blake, daughter of Sherburn Blake, of Raymond, N. H. Five children:
(a). Mary Louise, m., first, Edward Custer; m., second, T. S. Ellery Jennison, of Boston.
(b). Elizabeth Pierce, m. E. V. Bird, of Boston.
(c). Arabella Hersey; single.
(d). Charles Freeman William, Professor of Comparative Anatomy, Princeton, N. J.; single.
(e). Ethel Melvina, m. Dr. Edward Briggs, of Boston.
b. John Freeman; died single.
c. Susan Melvina, m. Seth M. Williams.

II. Mary, second child of David McClure and Martha Glenn, m. Thomas Patten of Candia, N. H. They had 12 children:

1. Elizabeth, mother of Martha Varnum, second wife of Alexander McClure, Jr.
2, Martha; 3. Sarah; 4. Rachel; 5. Margaret; 6. Hannah; 7. Ruth; 8. Mary; 9. Joan; 10. Samuel; 11. Moses (father of Rev. Moses Patten, of Rochester, Vt.); 12. Thomas (father of Thomas Patten, of Raymond).

III. James, third child of David McClure and Martha Glenn; m. Mehitabel Burpee, of Candia, N. H. They had seven children:

1. Elizabeth, b. Feb. 26, 1770; m. Dearbon, of Woodstock, N. H.
2. James, b. Sept. 1, 1771; died infancy.
3. Mehitabel, b. Jan. 31, 1774; m. Bursel, Candia, N. H.
4. James, b. Nov. 4, 1776.
5. Rebecca, b. Feb. 13, 1780; m. Hall, Candia, N. H. mother of Orrin Hall, of Cambridge, Mass.
6. Nathaniel, b. April 9, 1785; went west when young.
7. Sally, b. July 19, 1792; m. Thomas Patten.

Other McClures in New Hampshire were—

David McClure, b. Goffstown, N. H., 1758, and died 1835. He was a Revolutionary soldier. Sergeant to Capt. John Duncan. He m. Martha Wilson. Son, Manly W. McClure, who m. Martha M. Page; parents of Mary McClure, wife of James Clark.

Capt. James McClure, b. in Londonderry, 1753. Settled in New Hampshire. Revolutionary soldier. Captain 4th Continental Artillery. Died 1840. Married Mary Nesmith.