The Message of the Stars/Chapter 7

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3748937The Message of the Stars — The Children of the Twelve Signs

The Children of the Twelve Signs

The Children of Aries

Born March 20th to April 21st

ARIES is the home of Mars, the planet of dynamic energy, and is also the exaltation sign of the life-giving Sun, hence it is a very fountain of life and vitality as manifest in the sprouting of the millions of seeds which break through the earth’s crust at that time and change the white winter garment to a flower-embroidered carpet of green, and make the forests a bridal bower for the mating beasts and birds.

This great vital force also finds its expression in the children of Aries, they bubble over with life and energy to such an extent that it is often very difficult to such them sufficiently to hold them within the bounds of safety and common sense, They are self-assertive and aggresive to a degree, always in the lead for they scorn to follow, turbulent and radical in all their thoughts, ideas and actions. They are venturesome to the verge of foolhardiness. We also find that they are greedy for the fruits of their labor, they never can get enough, but no matter how much they earn they are generally poor for they spend as lavishly and as thoughtlessly as they earn, They make splendid foremen and overseers, for, being so fall of vital energy and ambition themselves, they have a faculty of infusing their energy into their subordinates or forcing them to work when necessary. But being too impulsive and reckless they lack the ability to originate for themselves, They are serious and ardent in all they undertake; they cannot go into anything half-heartedly, and therefore, if they once espouse a cause, social, political or religions, they will work for that cause with all the vim and vigor of their energetic nature, But if on the other hand an Aries child becomes addicted to a vice the whole intensity of its nature is turned towards the gratification of that particular part of its lower nature. Therefore parents with Aries children have a great responsibility to set before them by precept and example the noblest and best form of conduct of which they are capable, for this is probably the most impressive sign in the zodiac, and the habits formed, the lessons learned in childhood and youth will generally cling to the person through life and make him either very good or very bad. Be particularly careful to inculcate abstinence From alcoholic liquors, for if an Aries child becomes addicted to that vice he is beyond saving and often becomes subject to delirium.

Children of Taurus

Born April 21st to May 22nd.

On the 21st of April the Sun enters the zodiacal sign of the Bull, Taurus, and remains in that sign until the 20th of May and therefore children born between those dates partake in a great measure of the characteristics of this sign. Taurus is ruled by Venus the planet of love, and therefore the children of Taurus have a basically amicable and kind disposition, but when they once have conceived an idea they cling to it with stubbornness, they are very resentful of contradiction and very difficult to convince that they have made a mistake, but when once one has succeeded in showing them that they are wrong their inherent love of justice and truth will prompt them to acknowledge their mistakes and try to rectify them, They have a very strong and determined will so that when they sect up a goal for themselves or have made up their minds to do anything they keep on working with patience and persistence until they usually make a success of whatever they undertake. They also have good executive ability and are able to take leading positions where they have others under their command. Although they are amicable and agreeable when in the company of others they have a strong tendency to seek solitude and to become very self-centered. They seem to set up unconsciously a barrier between themselves and other people so that it is difficult to become intimately acquainted with them. Taurus children are very keen in their desires for material possessions and they are usually very fortunate also in acquiring them for besides having good earning power themselves they are often the recipients of inheritance. But they do not want wealth for the sake of having it as much as for the pleasure and comfort which they can get out of it; they are mainly very fond of comforts and luxuries, art, music, drama and other refining influences of life.

The children of Taurus have an abundance of vitality to start with, but they are very apt to go to excess in work or play, waste their energy and become ill as a consequence. They are particularly attracted to the pleasures of the table. They revel in rich foods which later give then a tendency to digestive troubles, enlargement of the liver, heart disease and congestion of the kidneys. These diseases are very apt to make them uncomfortable in later life, therefore parents should inculcate in them above all things the virtue of frugality, not only by precept, but by example, for these Taurus children are very quick and they will readily see that “mother and father tell me to eat little but they eat all they want themselves.” They should also be taught to take plenty of exercise as a means to promote health, for the children of Taurus ave rather indolent in their manner, However, as said before, they have a most wonderful vitality particularly if they are born at sunrise and although they may become subject to the diseases mentioned they will have a long life and a fair measure of general good health, wealth and happiness.

Children of Gemini

Born May 22nd to June 22nd.

The children of Gemini are wonderfully quick-witted and bright; they also have the ability to express themselves clearly and to the point, therefore they are always good company. Conversation never lags when they are present, in fact they are sometimes given to monopolizing it entirely, but then they are often so interesting that other people are glad to listen. They acquire learning very rapidly and are very well informed on most subjects. They have a good memory so that what they have won is not lost, that is of course, provided the horoscope is otherwise well-aspected and configurated. Where it is seriously afflicted we find the faults of the Gemini pointing in the opposite direction; then they may be inveterate chatterboxes, shunned by everybody who can possibly get out of their way. The great point to remember with these children is that they have the ability of expression and a great deal may be done during the days of childhood to mould the character in such a way that it expresses itself in a manner that is congenial and to the general benefit of the child and its surroundings, and will be of help to it later in life.

The children of Gemini are, generally speaking, of a very kind and affable disposition, easy to get along with. They are able to adapt themselves to other people and to circumstances so that they become all things to all men and in that way they usually make many friends and few enemies. They are of a roving disposition and love to travel about from one place to another and they excel in scientific or clerical activities, as agents or representatives of others where their Mercurial talents find an avenue of expression.

From the moral point of view it is not good to have a flexible nature. The children of Gemini are only too easily made victims of flattery and therefore apt to be led unconsciously into paths of wrong-doing. It should be the aim of the parents of these children to hold before them very seriously the straight and narrow path and emphasize the idea in their minds that that is never to be swerved from under any consideration.

The children of Gemini are very high-strung and nervous and therefore they are easily worried and irritated, which reflects upon their actions and upon their bodily health. On that account parents with children born in this month ought to be lenient with them in their flashes of temper for they are very quick-spoken under wrath; they need a soothing answer rather than reproof, in order that they may be helped to overcome while they are young and to strengthen their moral constitution in that respect When the horoscope of a Gemini child is afflicted there is very apt to be some disorder of the lungs and Gemini children will be much helped if they are taught proper breathing exercises and calisthenics. It will at least minimize the tendencies and may entirely overcome them, Gemini children usually grow very tall and straight. They are fine-looking people with a quick walk and brisk movements, but they may be either light or dark complexioned according to the placement and configuration of the other planets.

The Children of Cancer
Born June 22nd to July 23rd.

The watery sign Cancer is one of the weakest in the zodiac so far as vitality goes and when that is upon the eastern horizon of a person’s horoscope it always gives a rather weak body, but usually this does not apply to the children born during the time when the Sun is in Cancer, for the Sun is the giver of life, and these children are therefore more fortunate with respect to vitality than those, children who have Cancer rising.

The children of Cancer are usually very timid. and retiring, yet they want and need friendship and sympathy; though they are very sensitive about seeking it, yet when they get well acquainted they can at times he very exacting with their friends, even autocratic in their ways of ordering them about. At the same time, it must be said they are very conscientious m all things entrusted to them, and use considerable discretion in whatever they do, so that one may safely trust them to keep a secret or execute a commission, The sign Cancer is ruled by the restless Moon, and therefore changes of residence, position, vocation, and of all matters, are quite frequent in the lives of these children. At the same time they cannot be called fickle and flippant for they are very tenacious whenever they have undertaken to do a certain work or undertaken a certain obligation; then they stay by it until it is finished. Neither do they run haphazard into anything; in fact, there are times when they are inclined to be too cautious, Especially where there is danger of injury they are almost cowards, and they are often given to anxiety and worry.

The Children of Leo
Born July 22rd to August 24th.

The sign Leo is ruled by the life-giving Sun, and it is called the royal sign of the Zodiac; therefore it confers upon the children which are born under its influence a noble, ambitions and aspiring nature. They are of the Master breed and make good leaders but poor followers. Being of a noble and lofty character themselves they scorn mean and sordid things, nor will they stoop to do a low act even under great provocation or the strong urge of self-interest. The love nature is very strong and ardent. No inconvenience or sacrifices is too great to serve those they love. They are loyal and true friends through thick and thin. Leo is a fixed sign and gives its children considerable will power, so that they are usually able to win their way to the top despite all handicaps and obstacles. They are very fixed in their opinions and if they espouse any cause they will usually stay by it and work for it in a most enthusiastic manner, They never do anything half-heartedly, for Leo being a fiery sign endows them with power, vitality and enthusiasm, Leo also gives its children a good memory. The foregoing tendencies are indicated when the Sun is fairly well aspected in the horoscope; but if it is afflicted by Mars, or any of the malefics, the nature is changed, so that the per- son becomes bombastic, blustering and domineering, one not to be trusted in any department of life, and an unfaithful, amorous husband or wife, a disloyal friend, one’ who will not hesitate to stoop to any meanness. He is then just as tad as the Leo with the well aspected Sun is good, this on the principle that the brightest light always casts the deepest shadow. The principal fault of the Leos is a quick temper, but they do not hold spite, and when shown to have been in the wrong they are always ready to apologize and make amends. They are magnanimous, even to their bitterest enemies.

The Children of Virgo
Born August 24th to September 28rd.

Virgo, the Sixth sign of the zodiac, is ruled by Mercury, the planet of reason, expression and dexterity. It is said, and with considerable truth, that love is blind, for were one to sec faults in the beloved one the master passion never would find expression. Therefore the children of Virgo who are governed so much by intellect are not sympathetic, but inclined te be cynical, critical and skeptical of anything that is not scientifically demonstrable to the reason and senses. They are very quick mentally, though only too often inclined to “strain at a gnat”, and though they seldom “swallow the camel,” they get into a rut where they become narrow-minded and bigoted. They are rather lazy themselves and fond of taking things easy, but they like to drive others, and can be very masterful with subordinates. On that account they often cause enmities of a lasting nature, but whenever they become friendly with any one they also make very good friends and treat their friends well. The Mercurial disposition infused by this sign brings many changes of environment and therefore new associations and friendships are constantly being formed. They are very acquisitive and always looking out for ways and means of bettering themselves financially, socially and economically. It may also be said that they deserve promotion for they are industrious to a degree where they see that a reward may be gained thereby, They arc also very ingenious and versatile, fond of-the study of science, particularly chemistry, diet and hygiene, and many among them become extreme food faddists. As Virgo is the Sixth sign these people take en Sixth house characteristics and are therefore very sensitive to suggestions of ill health, so that if they ever become enmeshed in the tentacles of disease they frequently lack the necessary will power to extricate themselves, with the result that they then usually become chronic invalids or perhaps rather they think themselves so, for it may be said that these people seem to resent any effort to cheer them up and get them out of the clutches of their particular illness, real or fancied, They seem in fact to enjoy bad health, and they are always looking for sympathy, though as we noted in the beginning of this reading, they are very slow to grant the same to others. I? they can keep out of the clutches of disease, they often become excellent nurses and have a splendid influence upon the sick.

The Children of Libra

Born September 23rd to October 24th.

Libra is the Seventh sign of the zodiac and the children which are born under that sign are ruled by the planet of love, Venus. The symbol of Libra in the pictorial zodiac is a pair of scales and this instrument describes graphically their principal characteristic. The children of Libra are very ardent in anything they do; they take up a vocation or an avocation with a zeal and enthusiasm which for the time being excludes all other things from their consideration, but after a while they may drop it just as suddenly, take up something else as a trade, a fad or a hobby, and pursue that with an equal energy and absorbing interest. This is in fact one of their principal faults, as they find it very difficult to settle down to anything definite, and continue it with patience and persistence until they have achieved success.

Libra is the sign when the Sun changes from the northern to the southern hemisphere; it crosses the equator there, and consequently the Sun is very weak at that point, It is the great life-giver going down into the dark winter months, and therefore Saturn, the planet of darkness, is exalted in Libra. Thus we find two natures very markedly expressed in children that are born under this sign; one is of the Sun, which is cheerful and optimistic, the other is that of Saturn, which is morose and melancholy. And this expresses itself in the changeable nature of the Libra children; sometimes they are up in the seventh heaven, optimistic and enthusiastic, cheerful and happy, then as suddenly and without any seeming cause the scale swings and they seem to be down in the dumps of worry and melancholy just as if they had not a friend in the world. As a matter of fact they make many friends, for they have a basically kind disposition engendered by the Lady of Libra, Venus, but they also have a quick temper, though fortunately they do not held spite. They are exceedingly fond of pleasures in general and particularly lean toward art and music.

The Children of Scorpio

Born October 24th to November 23rd.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars, the planet of dynamic energy, and therefore the children born during that month when the Sun is passing through this sign are filled with a force that must have an outlet somewhere or somehow. They partake of all the Martial qualities, either good or bad, according to the way the Sun is placed and aspected, and they are always ready to take up an argument or a fight, either on their own behalf or for someone else; they are never content with half measures, either they go to one extreme or the other, good or bad, Those who show the good side of Scorpio have splendid constructive: and executive abilities. They are brusque but honest and just, indefatigable workers, and always ready to sacrifice themselves for the good of others by rebelling against oppression or in other ways unselfishly working for the cause they have espoused. But those who show the bad side of Scorpio not only refuse to work themselves but become demagogues who incite others to anarchy and lawlessness and destruction. These people are social fire-brands and very dangerous to the community. But there is one redeeming feature about them and that is that they are not underhanded, whatever they do is open and aboveboard. The children of Scorpio usually have a very uncertain temper and a sarcastic tongue that bites like the sting of the scorpion, when they turn that side of their nature. Therefore the parents of these children should take them in hand as early as possible and teach them self-control by every means within their power; also strive to soften the Mars ray and instill into them a more kindly spirit. This may be very difficult because the sign Scorpio gives a very determined nature, still, in childhood’s years it is plastic to a certain extent and can be best worked upon then, They have a very strong and vivid imagination, with a clear, sharp and penetrating mind, also a personal magnetism that makes them very attractive to those with whom they come in contact. They seem to be most contented in military life where there is sharp and strict discipline. Particular care should be taken to teach these children sex hygiene, for the sign Scorpio rules the generative and eliminatory organs, whose functions are stimulated by the presence of the Sun in Scorpio, so that if the person is not morally and physically clean, much trouble may be expected. These children also make excellent surgeons and if they are taught to use surgery only for constructive purposes they can do a great deal of good in the world. All this depends in a considerable measure upon the early training, for there is a destructive side to the Scorpio nature which, would make it very dangerous from the spiritual viewpoint for such a person to take up a vocation that offers scope for malpractice; he would then contract a very heavy debt under the law of consequence, which must be paid back in sorrow and suffering either in this or later lives.

The Children of Sagittarius

Born November 28rd to December 22nd.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the great benefic planet, and it may be said generally that those who are born while the Sun is in this sign from November 23rd to December 22nd are well liked in the society where they move. They are of a hearty and jovial disposition, princes among men, hail-fellows-well-met, and their acquaintances are generally glad to see them. There are two very distinct classes born under this sign. In the pictorial zodiac, Sagittarius is represented as a centaur, half horse and half man, and one class of those who come to birth under its influence are well described by the animal part thereof, for they are of a sporty nature, ready to gamble on the speed of a horse at long odds or to stake their last dollar on a game of cards. They are fond of a “good time right straight through” and their moral nature is of low grade, aptly described by the animal part of the symbol, so that they have no scruples with respect to the indulgence of their appetites, passions and desires. They are lacking in respect for both the law and ordinary morals, hence they are often found among the criminal class. But those children of Sagittarius who are symbolized by the human part of the centaur, aiming the bow of aspiration at the stars, are as different as day is from night, for they are extremely idealistic, moral and law-abiding, noble characters who win the respect of society in general and particularly all with whom they come into intimate contact. Therefore they become in time the pillars of society and receive positions of honor and preferment in the State or Church as judges or divines. They are very orthodox and conservative in their opinions and punctilious to a fault in their observance of all customs and traditions of the times wherein they live, but they are not progressive, for they value the opinions of their contemporaries very highly and are seldom induced to espouse any progressive ideas which might jeopardize the respect of the community enjoyed by them. They are firm believers in the necessity of red tape. Withal, however, they are charitable and benevolent, tender and sympathetic; they can always be relied upon to aid any altruistic movement, and though they are of a kindly nature and endeavor to avoid quarrels in their own behalf, they sometimes fight with great zeal and courage for others who have been injured and in whose behalf their sympathies have been enlisted, hence they make admirable lawyers.

The Sagittarians are usually excellent conversationalists and they have a quick and ready wit and are fond of indulging in oratory. Their memory and interesting way of relating experiences always hold the audience. They are very proud and have great confidence in themselves.

The Children of Capricorn

Born December 22nd to January 20th.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of obstruction, therefore the vitality of these children isvery low and they are difficult to raise, but once infancy is passed the Saturnine persistence makes itself felt and they cling to life with an amazing tenacity so that they often become very old. They arevery much subject to colds and their principal source of danger is falls and bruises. The children of Capricorn are usually bashful and timid in the presence of strangers but when they have become used to people they show their domineering nature and endeavor to make everybody around them conform to their will. The Saturnine quality of the sign makes them jealous and suspicious of the motives of others, Therefore they are very fond of detective work. They will follow a trail with unerring instinct and unwavering perseverance that never gives up as long as there is the remotest chance of success. It is good to be friends with Capricornians and bad to make enemies of them, for they find it very hard to forgive a real or fancied offense or injury and always brood over any wrong done to them. On the other hand, if they once give their confidence or friendship they are also consistent in that direction. They are very ambitious and anxious to have their services recognized by other people and they have a splendid executive ability because of the unusual qualities of forethought and concentration conferred by Saturn. They are born leaders and organizers but chafe under restrictions and dislike particularly to take orders from others. When they are placed in such a subordinate position and cannot have their own way they become gloomy, taciturn, moody, pessimistic, irritable, and given to worry. The children of Capricorn usually have a disinclination for marriege and are seldom at ease if they enter into that state. The union is usually childless or children are few.

The Children of Aquarius

Born January 20th to February 19th.

The children of Aquarius are of a rather shy, retiring nature. They like to keep their own company and counsel more than is good for them, for if this bent in their nature is allowed full swing it has a tendency to breed melancholy and make them recluses. They have a grief, unassuming manner which gains many friends for them and their home life is usually ideal. They are generally affectionate and of a very sweet and kind disposition, and are always ready to defer to the opinion of a loved one and ready to yield a point for the sake of harmony. Besides, Aquarius being a fixed sign they are very constant in their affection as well as in other things,

Aquarius is an intellectual sign and its children usually have a good mentality, because the Saturnine rulership gives depth to the mind, and the Uranian ray gives them intuition and an inclination towards science, literature and philosophy, They are remarkably persistent in whatever they undertake, and therefore usually succeed in the long run. As Aquarius is the 11th sign it partakes also of the qualities ruled by the 11th House; therefore the children of Aquarius are usually well liked among their associates and have many friends, The children of Aquarius are very proud and jealous of the esteem of others. Their principal fault is that on account of Saturnine traits they are somewhat given to worry, Like the Leos they are strong in their likes and dislikes; they will do anything for those who have won their affection, but resent any attempt to drive them, and under such conditions are extremely stubborn; in fact they are very set in their mental attitude, once an opinion has been formed it is not easily changed. They are so very sensitive to the mental condition around them that it affects their physical well being perhaps more than they are aware for this is one of the most sensitive signs.

The Children of Pisces

Born February 20th to March 20th.

The children of Pisces are of a marked negative disposition, subject to varying moods, and are, like the children of Aquarius, very sensitive to the mental atmosphere in their environment. For that reason it is of the greatest importance that parents of these children should guard them during childhood against the influences of bad companions, for the old proverb about “bad company corrupting good, manners” applies with ten-fold strength to. these children, and they will absorb good or evil with equal facility. So until they have learned to choose for themselves the good things, it is especially necessary for their natural guardians to shield them, They also have a strong tendency to mediumship and if they are taken into seances there is a great danger that they may become controlled. Moreover, having such an extremely flexible nature they can never exert sufficient will power to free themselves from the influence when once they have been subjected to it, and it may ruin their whole life.

These children are very peaceable in disposition and suffer injury rather than fight fer their rights, not because they do not care, for they are very jealous especially when horn in the latter part of the sign, but the Pisecan nature is always averse to exertion, and generally they do not want to take the trouble to fight for their rights. In plain English they are lazy. Therefore the parents should see that a certain amount of work is allotted to them during the earliest years, for it is then that the habits are formed and the nature is the most plastic. They can learn to be diligent with much less effort at that time than during the later stages of life. But once the children of Pisces have commenced doing a piece of work it will probably be a surprise to others to watch them and see the methodical way they go at it, making every move count until the task has been completed with seemingly very little effort on their part. Honesty is another of the virtues of the Pisces children; they are usually dependable and close-mouthed, so that they may be trusted with secrets in full confidence that they will not betray the trust.

The children of Pisces are generally kind and sympathetic, cordial and suave in manner, qualities which will of course bring them many friends. They are notoriously fond of good things to eat, they revel in rich foods, but are also prone to be fond of drink. If these tendencies are allowed to work themselves out they will of course ruin the life, and besides bring on a train of disease, Therefore the parents of these children should endeavor by precept and example to teach them the simple life, frugality and control of the appetite during the years when habits are formed, besides guarding them against too strenuous exercise which even the children of Pisces will not shun in childhood when the abundance of life force impels them. Then later in life these lessons will not be without their fruit. The chances are that the child which by the help of the parent has learned in childhood to rule its stars will be both healthy and hearty, respected and loved because of good habits, and in full enjoyment of life. In short, these children need a very careful bringing up to save them from the evil tendencies and bring out the good, but that is just what such souls come to parents for. Their necessity is the parents’ opportunity to make a great and wonderful soul growth.