The Mystery of the Sea

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The Mystery of the Sea  (1902) 
by Bram Stoker


Mystery of the Sea

Bram Stoker
Author of "Dracula"

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William Heinemann

All rights reserved.

This Edition enjoys copyright in all
countries signatory to the Berne
Treaty, and has been copyrighted in
the United States of America by
Bram Stoker, 1902.







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"To win the mystery o' the sea,
"An' learn the secrets that there be,
"Gather in ane these weirds three:

"A gowden moon on a flowin' tide;
"An' Lammas floods for the spell to bide;
"An' a gowden mon wi death for his bride."

[Gælic verse and English translation.]


I. Second Sight 3
II. Gormala 9
III. An Ancient Rune 16
IV. Lammas Floods 23
V. The Mystery of the Sea 32
VI. The Ministers of the Doom 44
VII. From Other Ages and the Ends of the Earth 51
VIII. A Run on the Beach 66
IX. Confidences and Secret Writing 80
X. A Clear Horizon 94
XI. In the Twilight 104
XII. The Cipher 113
XIII. A Ride Through the Mountains 122
XIV. A Secret Shared 130
XV. A Peculiar Dinner Party 138
XVI. Revelations 145
XVII. Sam Adam's Task 152
XVIII. Fireworks and Joan of Arc 159
XIX. On Changing One's Name 165
XX. Comradeship 173
XXI. The Old Far West and the New 180
XXII. Crom Castle 187
XXIII. Secret Service 193
XXIV. A Subtle Plan 200
XXV. Inductive Ratiocination 207
XXVI. A Whole Wedding Day 215
XXVII. Entrance to the Cavern 222
XXVIII. Voices in the Dark 229
XXIX. The Monument 237
XXX. The Secret Passage 244
XXXI. Marjory's Adventure 251
XXXII. The Lost Script 260
XXXIII. Don Bernadino 269
XXXIV. The Accolade 277
XXXV. The Pope's Treasure 285
XXXVI. The Rising Tide 293
XXVII. Round the Clock 302
XXXVIII. The Duty of a Wife 310
XXXIX. An Unexpected Visitor 317
XL. The Redemption of a Trust 326
XLI. Treasure Trove 335
XLII. A Struggle 346
XLIII. The Honour of a Spaniard 355
XLIV. The Voice in the Dust 364
XLV. Danger 374
XLVI. Ardiffery Manse 382
XLVII. The Dumb Can Speak 394
XLVIII. Dunbuy Haven 403
XLIX. Gormala's Last Help 413
L. The Eyes of the Dead 423
LI. In the Sea Fog 433
LII. The Skares 443
LIII. From the Deep 451
Appendix A 457
Appendix B 464
Appendix C 468
Appendix D 471
Appendix E 476

This work was published before January 1, 1926, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.