The National Anthems of the Allies/Great Britain

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For other versions of this work, see God Save the King.
1538382The National Anthems of the Allies — God Save the King1917Henry Carey, harmonized by Charles John Vincent

God Save the King
The British National Anthem

Words and Music by Henry Carey
Harmonized by
Chas. Vincent, Mus. Doc, Oxon.

\relative c'' {
    \new Voice = "anthem" {
      \key g \major
      \time 3/4
        g g a
        fis4. g8 a4
        b b c
        b4. a8 g4
        a g fis
        d'4 d d
        d4. c8 b4
        c c c
        c4. b8 a4
        b c8[( b)] a[( g)]
        b4. c8 d4
        e8( c) b4 a
        g2. \bar ":|."
    \new Lyrics \lyricsto "anthem" {
      \set stanza = #"1. "
      God save our grac -- ious King,
      Long live our no -- ble King,
      God Save the King!
      Send him vic -- to -- ri -- ous,
      Hap -- py and glo -- ri -- ous,
      Long to __ reign o -- ver us;
      God save the King!
    \new Lyrics \lyricsto "anthem" {
      \set stanza = #"2. "
      O Lord our God, a -- rise!
      Scat -- ter our en -- e -- mies,
      And make them fall!
      Con -- found their pol -- i -- tics;
      Frus -- trate their knav -- ish tricks;
      On Thee our __ hopes we fix;
      God save us all.
    \new Lyrics \lyricsto "anthem" {
      \set stanza = #"3. "
      Thy choic -- est gifts in store
      On him be pleased to pour;
      Long may he reign; 
      May he de -- fend our laws,
      And ev -- er give us cause
      To sing, with __ heart and voice;
      God save the King!
    \new PianoStaff <<
      \new Staff {
        \key g \major
        <g d b>4\f <d g> <e a>
        <d fis>4. <cis g'>8 <d a'>4
        << { <d b'>4 b' <c e,>4 } \\ { s4 g8[ fis] s4 } >> % polyphonic bar
        <d b'>4. <c a'>8 <b g'>4
        <e a> <d g> <c fis>
        <b d g>4. a'8 b[ c]
        <d, g b d>4 <d g b d> <d g b d>
        <d g b d>4. <d fis a c>8 <d g b>4
        <d fis a c> <d fis a c> <d fis a c>
        << { <c' d,>4. <d, g b>8 <d fis a>4 } \\ { fis4 a8 s4. } >> % polyphonic bar
        << { <d, g b>4 <fis c'>8 <g b> <d a'> <cis g'> } \\ { s4 d4 s4 } >> % polyphonic bar
        <d g b>4. <d fis a c>8 <d f b d>4
        <e g e'>8 <e g c> <d g b>4 <c d fis! a>
        <g' d b>2.
      \new Staff {
        \clef "bass"
        \key g \major
        <g, g,>4 <g b,> <e c>
        <d a'>4. <e a>8 <fis a>4
        g <g e> <c, g'>
        << { g'4 e8[ fis] } \\ { d2 } >> <e g>4  % polyphonic bar
        <c c'>4 <d b'> <d a'>
        <g, g'>4. r8 r4
        g8[ a b c d e16 fis]
        g8 d b d g,4
        d8[ e fis g a b16 c]
        d8[ a fis g] d4
        g a8[ g fis e]
        <d d'>[ <c c'> <b b'> <a a'>] <g g'>4
        <c c'> <d d'> <d d'>
        <g, g'>2.