The National Anthems of the Allies/Portugal

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National Hymn
English version by
Dr. Th. Baker

Words and Music by
Dom Pedro IV (1822)

\relative c'' {
    \new Voice = "anthem" {
       \key es \major
       << { 
            s2. \autoBeamOff \stemDown bes8.(\f^"In marching time" bes16)
            s2. bes4
       >> % Polyphonic bar
       es4. bes8 bes4. g8
       bes16( aes g aes) f4 r4 \autoBeamOff f8. f16
       g4. g8 a4. a8
       c4( b) r4 b8.( b8)
       b4 c4. r16 f,16 g8. a16
       a4 b4. r16 a16( b8.) c16
       d4. d8 c8.[( b16)] c8. d16
       c4( b) r8 a16\<( b8.) c16\!
       d4. d8 c8.[( b16)] c8. d8
       b2 r4
       \bar "||"
    \new Lyrics \lyricsto "anthem" {
    \new Lyrics \lyricsto "anthem" {
    \new PianoStaff <<
      \new Staff {
        s2. b8.\f b16
        \autoBeamOff <g e'>4. <e b'>8 <e b'>4. <e g>8
        \autoBeamOn <g b>16( <f a> <e g> <f a> <d f>4) r4 <d f>8. <d f>16
        <e g>4. <e g>8 <e a>4. <c e a>8
      \new Staff {
        \clef "bass"
        s2. r4
        \autoBeamOff <e, b'>4. <g b>8 <g b>4. b8
        b4 b,4 r4 \autoBeamOn b'8. b16
        <b e,>4. <b d,>8 <f c>4. f8

1.O' pa-tria,ó Rei, ó Po vo, Amaa tua Religião,
Observa e guarda sempre
Divinal Consti tuição, (repeat)
Viva, viva, vivao Rei
Via vao Santa Religião
Viva Lusos valorosos,
A felis Consti tuição (repeat)

1. All ye who love our nation,
For the faith put forth your might!
Be it ever in your inspiratrion,
The law divine to all hearts unite! (repeat)
Lead us onward, holy banner!
Guide us ever, immortal faith!
Ev'ry man will follow proudly
On the way to victory or death, (repeat)

'In 1910 Portugal became a republic. It is therefore doubtful whether the original Portuguese words are still sung.

2. Oh, cum quanta desafogo
Na commit n agita quo,
Dà vigor às almas todas,
Divinal Const it uição.
3. Venturosos n'os seremos
Em perfeita união,
Tendo sempre em vista todos
Divinal Constituição.

4. A verdade nao se offusca,
O Rei não s'engana, não:
Proclamemos , portuguezes,
Divinal Constituição.

2. Oh, in lofty exultation
Let us all unite today,
One endeavor, one inspiration,
Shall be ours for ever and aye!

3. Days of glory for the nation
Shall reward our union strong,
Days of glory, of inspiration,
While on freedom's soil rings our song.

4. For the right, with proud elation,
Let us strive till life is o'er,
Faith in freedom our inspiration,
Freedom now and evermore!