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ABELIN, ä'be-lḗn, Johann Philipp (?-1633?). A German historian. He wrote under the names Philipp Arlanibäus, Abeleus, and Johann Ludwig Gottfried, or Gothofredus. He produced a number of works still consulted, including the Arma Sueciea (1631-34), and the Inventarium Sueciæ (1632), descriptions of military events of the time. He also founded the Theatrum Europæum (1635-1738), a serial work on contemporary history, for which he compiled the first two volumes. Others of his publications are a Historische Chronika (1633) and an Historia Antipodum (1655). See Droysen, Arlanibäus, Godofredus, Abelinus (1864).