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ADAMS, Maude Kiskadden (1872 —). A popular American actress. She was born at Salt Lake City, November 11, 1872, and is the daughter of an actress. She first appeared on the stage in the West, in children's parts, when very young. At sixteen she joined E. H. Sothern's company in New York, and played in The Midnight Bell. Afterward she was a member of Charles Frohman's stock company. With John Drew in The Masked Ball (1892) she made an extraordinary advance in public favor. She became a star as Lady Babbie in The Little Minister, produced in New York (1898), where in 1899 she played Juliet to the Romeo of William Faversham. In 1900 and 1901 she won another popular success as the Duc de Reichstadt in Rostand's L'Aiglon, which was also played in New York the same season by Sarah Bernhardt. The next season she appeared in a more characteristic part, as Miss Phœbe in Barrie's new comedy of Quality Street. Consult: Clapp and Edgett, Players of the Present, in Dunlap Society Publications (New York, 1899).