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ALCA′ICS. Certain kinds of Greek and Latin logaœdic verse, named from the poet Alcæus (q.v.), their reputed inventor. The greater Alcaic consists of a preliminary syllable (anacrusis), a trochaic dipody, cyclic dactyl, and trochaic dipody catalectic. In Horace the second foot is regularly an irrational spondee,

NIE 1905 Alcaics - greater example.jpg

The lesser Alcaic is composed of two cyclic dactyls and a trochaic dipody acatalectic,

NIE 1905 Alcaics - lesser example.jpg

The Alcaic stanza consists of two greater Alcaics, a trochaic quaternarius, with anacrusis, and a lesser Alcaic.

Ius : tum et te|nacem | proposi|ti vi|rum
non : civium | ardor | prava iu | bentium,
  non : voltus | instan|tis ty | ranni
    mente qua|tit soli|da, neque | Auster