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BECK, Christian Daniel (1757-1832). A German scholar of distinction. He was born at Leipzig, and studied at the University there. In 1782 he was appointed professor of Greek and Latin literature at the university, and in 1819 professor of history. In 1825 he resumed the former chair. His method of literary instruction was historical rather than critical. From 1819 until his death he was editor of the Allgemeines Repertorium der neuesten in- und ausländischen Litteratur. His works include the following: Anleitung zur Kenntnis der allgemeinen Welt- und Völkergeschichte (1787-1807); Commentarii Historici Decretorum Religionis Christianæ et Formulæ Lutheranæ (1801); Commentarii Soeietatis Philologicæ Lipsiensis (1801-04); and editions of Aristophanes (with Invernizzi and Dindorf), Apollonius Rhodius, Plato, and Cicero.