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BLAKE, William Phipps (1826—). An American scientist. He was born in New York, graduated at the Sheffield Scientific School in 1852, was mineralogist and geologist of the Pacific Railroad Exploring Expedition of 1853, and author of several of the reports. He edited the Mining Magazine (1859-60), and was mining engineer for the Japanese Government from 1861 to 1863, when he was appointed professor of mineralogy in the College of California, and geologist to the State board of agriculture. He was commissioner for California at the Paris Exposition of 1867; was executive commissioner for Connecticut in the Centennial Exposition, and was special agent to Vienna in 1873. He also coöperated in the Paris Expositions of 1878 and 1889, and in the Chicago Exposition of 1893. He has published Silver Ores and Silver Mines (1860); Report on the Production of Precious Metals (1807); and Ceramic Art and Class (1878).