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BLUMENTHAL, Oskar (1852—). A German dramatist and satirist, born in Berlin. He founded there the Lessing Theatre (1888), which he managed from 1888-97, and devoted chiefly to the production of contemporary comedies. Among his own works first produced at the Lessing Theatre, the most popular are the comedies, Der Probepfeil (1882); Die grosse Glocke; Im weissen Rössel, with G. Kadelburg (1898); Matthias Gollinger, with M. Bernstein (1898); Die strengen Herren, with G. Kadelburg (1900); Der schwarze Schleier (1887); and Heute und Gestern, with G. Kadelburg (1892). He has also published satirical articles and epigrams. Consult Wald (1885), and Wolff (Berlin, 1887).