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BRANDT, Josef von (1841— ). A Polish painter, born at Szczebrzeszyn, near Warsaw. He at first devoted himself to engineering, and it was not until 1862 that he seriously took up painting under Piloty and Franz Adam in Munich. His subjects are taken principally from the military life of the Seventeenth Century, although several of his most charming productions deal also with the life of the Polish peasantry. The following is a partial list of his more important works: “Polish Peasants Before an Inn” (1870); “Episode from the Relief of Vienna” (1870); “Cossack Camp in Seventeenth Century” (1872); “Polish Fair” (1872); “Battle of Vienna in 1683” (1872); “Tartar Battle” (1878); “Critical Moment” (1884); “Cossacks Caught in the Snow in the Ukraine” (1885).