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BRAUNE, brou'ne, Christian Wilhelm (1831-92). A German anatomist. He was born in Leipzig, and studied at the universities of Göttingen and Würzburg. In 1872 he became professor of topographical anatomy at the University of Leipzig. In his scientific investigations, Braune devoted himself particularly to the mechanical physiological side of anatomy, particularly as regards the movements of the joints and the equilibrium of the body in their bearing upon the equipment of the infantry. He also introduced dissection of frozen corpses into the technique of anatomy. Among his numerous works are the following: Topographisch-anatomischer Atlas, nach Durchschnitten an gefrorenen Kadavern (1872); Die Lage des Uterus und Fötus am Ende der Schwangerschaft nach Durchschnitten an gefrorenen Kadavern (1873); Das Tenensystem des menschlichen Körpers (1884-88). In collaboration with His, he edited, after 1876, the Archiv für Anatomie und Entwickelungsgeschichte. He was also instrumental in securing the publication of the musical works of Frederick the Great.