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BUSCHE, bụ'she, Hermann von dem (1468-1534). A German scholar, born at Sassenberg, in Westphalia. He studied at Heidelberg, at Tübingen, and in Italy, where he became versed in Latin, and after his return to Germany traveled about from one university centre to another, lecturing on the classic literature and antiquities. He is said to have written some of the Epistolæ Obscurorum Virorum. At all events, he joined the leaders of the Reformation, was a friend of Ulrich von Hutten, and in 1527 was appointed first professor of classical literature at the University of Marburg, founded in that year by Landgrave Philip the Magnanimous. He wrote three books of epigrams, a defense of humanistic studies entitled Vallum Humanitatis (1518), and other works. Consult Liessem, Hermann von dem Busche, sein Leben und seine Schriften (Cologne, 1884-89), which contains a bibliography.