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CLAUS, klous, Karl Friedrich Wilhelm (1835-99). A German zoölogist, born in Cassel. He studied the natural sciences in Giessen, under Leuckart; in 1863 became professor of zoölogy in Marburg, in 1870 in Göttingen, and in 1873 in Vienna. He was also director of the zoölogical station at Triest. He was very active in the investigation of the Crustacea, and is also widely known because of his Text-Book of Zoölogy. Of his numerous works, the following are important: Die freilebenden Copepoden (1863); Beiträge zur Kenntnis der Ostracoden (1868); Grundzüge der Zoölogie (1868); Ueber den Bau und die Entwicklung der Cumaceen (1870); Die Metamorphose der Squilliden (1872); Ueber die Entwicklung Organisation und systematische Stellung der Arguliden (1875); Lehrbuch der Zoölogie (6th ed., 1897; trans. into English, under the title of Text-book of Zoölogy, by Claus and Sedgwick, London, 1897).