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COLORADO, University of. An institution of higher learning, situated at Boulder, Colo. It was incorporated by the Territorial Legislature in 1861, and in 1876 the Constitution of Colorado provided for its erection as a State university. At the formal opening of the institution, in 1877, it consisted of the college and a preparatory department. The Medical School was organized in 1883, the Law School in 1892, and the School of Applied Sciences in 1893. In 1902 the University of Colorado comprised the following colleges and departments: (1) The College of Liberal Arts, offering courses leading to the degrees of B.A., Ph.B., and B.S.; (2) the Graduate Department, conferring the degrees of M.A., M.S., and Ph.D.; (3) the Colorado School of Applied Science, conferring the degree of B.S. in civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering; (4) the School of Medicine, conferring the degree of M.D.; and (5) the School of Law, conferring the degree of LL.B. Women are admitted to the university on equal terms with men. The university library contains 25,000 volumes, besides pamphlets. The total registration in 1901-02 was 510, excluding the preparatory department. The university is maintained by a direct State tax, and its government is vested in a State board of regents.