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COLUMBUS, Bartholomew (Bartolomeo Colon) (c.1445-1514). A brother of Christopher Columbus. He was a sailor by profession, and in the year 1480 joined Christopher at Lisbon. In 1489 he was sent to England by his brother to seek assistance from Henry VII. for the execution of his project. He was taken by pirates and landed in England in a destitute condition, and on presenting himself at Court was unfavorably received by the King. He then sought help at the Court of Charles VIII. in France, with like success. In January, 1494, he returned to Spain and was given command of a fleet of three caravels sailing for Española. He arrived there in June of the same year, just in time to render effectual assistance to his brother, who was being hard pressed by the unruly members of the little Spanish colony. From that time on he became the most devoted follower of the Admiral, who in 1495 made him adelantado, or governor, of Española, a title which was confirmed by the Crown in 1497. In March, 1496, he assumed command of the colony on the departure of his brother. He founded the town of San Domingo and effectually repressed a native insurrection. During the hardships of the last voyage of Christopher Columbus, Bartholomew proved of invaluable assistance. At Puerto la Gloria in 1594 he repressed a mutiny among the sailors. Late in life he received some recognition for his services from the Crown, which bestowed on him the island of Mona, near Española, as a possession. He died at Seville in December, 1514.