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EISELEN, ī'ze-len, Ernst Wilhelm Bernhard (1793-1846). A German promoter of athletic exercise, born in Berlin. He established the terms still used in German fencing. In 1818 he opened a public gymnasium in Berlin, which was followed in 1832 by one especially designed for the gynmastic training of girls. He was one of the foremost promoters of those athletic exercises which have directly and indirectly contributed to the physical improvement of the Germans, becoming bases of military training, and conducing to the splendid successes achieved by the German arms during the nineteenth century. It is interesting to note that it was largely from these transplanted gymnasia, or Turnvereine, that some of the best German volunteers of the Civil War in the United States were recruited. The literary productions of Eiselen include: Deutsche Turnkunst, in association with Jahn (1816); Hantelübungen, (3d ed. 1883); Abbildungen von Turnübungen (5th ed. 1889); Das deutsche Hiebfechten (new ed. 1882); Abriss des deutschen Stossfechtens (new ed. 1889).