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ELLS'WORTH. A city, port of entry, and county seat of Hancock County, Maine, 30 miles southeast of Bangor, on the Maine Central Railroad (Map: Maine, F 6). It is at the head of navigation on the Union River, and has an extensive trade in lumber and ice and ship building interests; also manufactures of lumber, shoes, carriages, soap, sails and iron. Abundant water-power is supplied by the river, which is spanned by several bridges at this point. The principal public buildings include the court house, custom-house, city hall, and a public library, with about 3900 volumes. A large United States fish hatchery is located here. Ellsworth was settled in 1763, incorporated in 1800, and chartered as a city in 1869. The government is vested in a mayor, a unicameral council, and subordinate administrative officials. Population, in 1890, 4804; in 1900, 4297.