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ENGEL, Karl Dietrich Leonhard (1821—). A German musician and author. He was born in the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg, and went to Russia in 1842 as a violin virtuoso. Here he was very successful, and at the age of twenty-two was appointed a member of the imperial orchestra at Saint Petersburg, of which body he subsequently became concert-master. In 1869 he settled at Dresden. His writings, principally on the legend of Faust, include: Deutsche Puppenkomödien (vols. i.-xii., 1874-93); Das Volksschauspiel Doktor Johann Faust (2d ed. 1882); Zusammenstellung der Faustschriften vom 16. Jahrhundert bis Mitte 1884 (2d ed. 1884); Die Don Juan Sage auf der Bühne (2d ed., 1888). His musical compositions include the concerto in B minor and the unique and humorous fantasy entitled Jüdischer Carneval.