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FOL'LEN, August, afterward Adolf Ludwig (1794-1855). A German author. He was born in Giessen January 21, 1794. He was imprisoned (1819-21) for political agitation in Berlin, and after his release spent his life in Switzerland. He died in Bern December 26, 1855. He is best known for his anthology of German poetry, Bildersaal deutscher Dichtung (1827), but also for editions of the Nibelungenlied and Gottfried's Tristan und Isolde, for a collection of Latin Hymns (1819), and for translations of the Homeric Hymns (1814) and Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered (1819). His chivalrous romances, e.g. Malegys und Vivian (1829), and his poems, with few exceptions, are not important.