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FORESTRY ASSOCIATION, American. An association to further the conservation, correct management, and renewal of forests; to collect forest statistics, and to promote legislation for those ends. The excessive waste of forests in the United States, the destructive forest fires, and the no less destructive methods of cutting, led to the formation of the Forestry Association in 1875, in the hope of correcting these evils. The association merged in 1882 with the American Forestry Congress, organized that year in Cincinnati, Ohio, and it was incorporated in 1897. The society has had the support of the Department of Agriculture of the Federal Government, and has coöperated with various State and local forestry associations. Annual meetings are held, at which papers are read covering all aspects of the forestry question, and the Proceedings of the American Forestry Association are published annually at Washington, D. C. Forestry and Irrigation, a monthly journal, is also published.