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FRIEDRICH, Kaspar David (1774-1840). A German landscape painter, born at Greifswald. First instructed there by Quisdorf, he studied afterwards at the academies of Copenhagen and Dresden, and fed his fancy in the course of his wanderings on the Baltic coast, in the island of Rügen, and later among the Harz Mountains and the Riesengebirge, became one of the principal exponents of the then dawning romanticism in art. In 1817 he was made a member of and professor at the Dresden Academy. A masterly series of drawings in sepia, depicting scenery in Rügen and other regions near the Baltic coast, are among his most highly prized works. Prominent among his oil paintings are “View in the Harz,” and “Moonrise by the Sea” (1823), in the National Gallery, Berlin; and “Repose During Hay Harvest” (1835), in the Dresden Museum.