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FROTHINGHAM, frŏth'ing-am, Arthur Lincoln (1859—). An American archæologist and educator, born in Boston, Mass. He studied at the Catholic Seminary of San Apollinare, Rome, Italy; the Royal University of Rome, and the University of Leipzig (Ph.D., 1883); was fellow in Semitic languages and lecturer in archæology at the Johns Hopkins University in 1882-86; in 1887 was appointed to the Princeton chair of archæology and the history of art, and in 1898 became professor of archæology and ancient history. In 1884 he was secretary of the Archæological Institute of America; in 1885 founded The American Journal of Archæology, of which he was owner and editor until 1896; and in 1895-96 was an associate director of the American School of Classical Studies at Rome. His publications include contributions to periodicals, monographs on sculpture and painting: Stephen Bar Sudaili, the Syrian Mystic and the Book of Hierotheos (1886); and (with A. Marquand) A Text-Book of the History of Sculpture (1896). He prepared articles on architecture for The New International Encyclopædia.